PalmOne Tungsten T Handheld Review

PalmOne Tungsten T Handheld
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There are a number of reviews on the 'Net already about this much-anticipated device, and I won't claim to make yet another. Just some interesting observations from a week of ownership:
1) I have found only a single program (Skyscape 5-minute clinical consultant) that does not like OS 5. All others so far work like a charm, including LOTS of medical software.
2) While the OS itself really is not much different, the processor has really revolutionized the Palm handhelds. Example: using Tabers medical dictionary on my m505 was a chore, and looking up a word often took >30 seconds. Now I write in real time and get word lookups in 1-2 seconds.
3) My handwriting recognition (Graffiti) is MARKEDLY improved over the m505.
4) The screen is UNBELIEVABLE! Fantastic, useable under all lighting conditions.
5) The battery life is just fine. I do recharge nightly, but I use it a good 2 hours each day, with the backlight at 50% all the time, and rarely get to below a 70% charge.
6) The sliding design is very sturdy. Also, it just FEELS much better in my hands.
7) The D-pad is a huge improvement, and I think more than makes up for Sony's Jog Dial.
8) Voice recording feature is very nice.
9) Does not come with mp3 software built-in, though word is that Real will be releasing an mp3 player for Palm in the coming weeks that will be available free.
10) Only gripe is that Versamail STILL does not synch e-mail with my Mac...
11) Palm has all but said that this device will be OS6 upgradable, which you can't bank on from the Sony products.
Buy one, you will definitely not be disappointed.

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Introducing the Palm Tungsten T handheld - made for the way a handheld is used. It's Palm's most compact device ever. But don't be fooled by the size. Inside, the Texas Instruments OMAP1510 processor (an enhanced ARM-based processor) gives you the performance you need to organize your work and your life. Stay productive when you're on the go with access to your essential Word, Excel and PowerPoint-compatible files.The Tungsten T handheld's new operating system, Palm OS 5, is optimized for a wide range of multimedia and wireless capabilities. Built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to access email and connect to the Internet with the use of a compatible mobile phone. On top of all this, the Tungsten T handheld has a color screen, a built-in voice recorder, a 5-way navigator button for one-hand operation, plus dual expansion for adding functionality so your Tungsten T handheld grows with you.

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Seiko ED1240 Roget's Thesaurus with EZ-Learn Teaching System Review

Seiko ED1240 Roget's Thesaurus with EZ-Learn Teaching System
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The product's short comings are the lack of having a dictionary and the spell check is not broad enough in it's search therefore it comes up short. I should not have purchased it. I have a preorder for Seiko dict/spell check/thesaurus model. Please find one! Thanks

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Make sure you're always using the right word in the right way with this Seiko dictionary, which combines Roget's Thesaurus, an advanced spell checker, and Seiko's EZ-Learn teaching system.
Improve your vocabulary with 500,000 synonyms from Roget's II: The New Thesaurus. The dictionary also features advanced phonetic spell-checking for 80,000 words and Seiko's EZ-Learn teaching system to help build vocabulary skills in five ways.
Use the mini QWERTY keyboard to type in entries. Other features include a 12-digit calculator with memory and percent function, 28 bidirectional metric and currency converters, and a clothing-size comparison chart. This dictionary weighs only 9 ounces and comes with a one-year warranty.

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Mitsubishi WD-73737 73-Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV Review

Mitsubishi WD-73737 73-Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV
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When it comes to TVs in the living room, bigger is always better so, when time came to replace our 61" Samsung DLP I had no idea what my next TV was going to be, other than it was going to be bigger and that, of course, I was going to afford it. Mitsubishi's WD-73737 was the easy winner and this is why:
- SIZE - well, 73" is bigger than 61", right? As far as I know, there aren't too many LCD or plasma TVs this big, at least not anything that I can afford. Our living room is rather large - it's really most of our first floor (open style architecture) so it helps to have a big screen. Mitsubishi makes an 82" model but I had also to consider...
- PRICE - we have a clear winner here. When it comes to price/size ratio, DLP's are by far the least expensive option.
- ENERGY EFFICIENCY - according to my research, the WD-73737 burns about 265W when 'on' (this includes the 180W lamp). By comparison, a 70" LCD needs 540-630W to operate.
- 3D CAPABILITY - it's a potential plus. Mitsubishi does not guarantee that its TV will be compliant with whatever 3D standard is about to emerge but... it might.
Of course, not everything is perfect so, here are the potential 'minuses':
- LAMP - when it comes to 'cost of ownership', we must factor in the DLP's lamp. The Mitsubishi manual expects its lamp to last for about one year but our Samsung was still okay after 2 years with the original lamp so, we shall see. A replacement for this model, direct from Mitsubishi is $99 and I will get a free one under warranty if the original needs replacement before one year. Given the great energy savings when compared to an LCD TV, I am not too worried about having to replace the lamp from time to time.
- BULK - this set is over 90 lbs. heavy and over 12" at its thickest. Definitely, can't hang it on a wall. Therefore...
- STAND - you must have one. We are using the one that came with the old 61" and all is fine but if you don't have one it should set you back a few more hundred bucks.
- THE SCREEN - nothing wrong with it but, when compared with our old Samsung, this is just a little more reflective. It's not so to the point of being annoying at night if lights are on in the room but sometimes it is noticeable.
Since we already had a stand, didn't want to hang a 73" TV on the wall and the need to replace the lamp was compensated by its energy savings, we went for the WD-73737 without hesitation and we are happy we did.OUR SETUP
A TV this size would normally be used in a home theater setting and, it turns out, that's how we use it. We have a satellite TV box, a PS3, dedicated Blu-ray player a 7.1 surround receiver and a Harmony 900 remote. The TV comes with LOTS of inputs, including 3 HDMI but, in our case, the setup started with plugging the TV into the power outlet, connecting the HDMI cable into one of TV's HDMI ports and, since I had the Harmony 900 already configured to handle the TV, that was IT, we were watching TV within 5 minutes of it coming out of the box.
Later own, we did some fine tuning but, it turns out, very little had to be adjusted. We made sure that the frame rate was set to 120 fps and, for the rest, we took the recommended settings from the Tweak TV site and didn't have to change too much from what they recommended. We ended up with:
Picture Mode: Natural
Color Temperature: Low
Aspect Ratio: Standard
Contrast: 55
Brightness: 36
Color: 31
Tint: 31
Sharpness: 31
Deep Field Imager: Off
Super Resolution: Off
Sharp Edge: Off
Video Noise: Off
The end-result is as close to picture-prefect as they come.
I have nothing to say about the sound - it can simulate 'surround' with its own speakers - because we are not using it. Same when it comes to channel tuning or setting up 'activities'. These are fully handled by the satellite receiver and the Harmony remote but all the capabilities are there. Same when it comes to the remote which is quite small - a nice thing - but it may take some getting used to when it comes to the buttons size (small) and their layout.WARRANTY
On an object this size, this is an important concern so, here's what matters:
- The screen is only covered for 30 (THIRTY) days.
- The picture quality warranty states that Mitsubishi will fix it if you get less than 99.99% of the pixels right. In other words, you should have at least 9,999 out of 10,000 pixels right. On a 2-million pixel screen this means that if you have up to 199 bad pixels, Mitsubishi is not obligated to fix your TV.
- Everything else is covered for one year.
- The lamp will be replaced free of charge if it needs replacement within the first year.
- Service is provided 'in house' IF you are within the coverage of an authorized Mitsubishi center. If you're not, you will be responsible for taking your TV there so you better check you are inside a Mitsubishi service area.
[Note on warranty - Nov. 12, 2010]
I had to call Mitsubishi because the lamp had to be replaced. Within minutes, I was on the phone with a competent person who, after asking that I reset the TV and me confirming that the picture was still dim agreed to send me a replacement lamp under the warranty. I provided the TV's serial number and date of purchase, my address and my phone number. He promised that the replacement lamp will be shipped within 2-5 business days.
A few days later, the lamp arrived. I called Mitsubishi's warranty dept. about me returning the used lamp but they asked me not to bother. I trust and respect a company that trusts and respects its customers.
__________________________________MY RATING
This TV delivers exactly what I wanted and expected: a large, bright, crisp picture that, thanks to the 120 fps display has very little blur on fast moving objects. The drawbacks: need to replace the lamp, unorthodox layout on the remote, bulk are either counterbalanced by other features or did not matter much in my case. Not everyone could live with a TV that's not totally flat or that needs a stand but if the main concerns are picture quality, price, size and energy consumption, this TV is hard to beat.
I will grant the WD-73737 5 stars because I own it and I am very happy with it.

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With picture perfomance that outpaces todays smaller flat panels, Mitsubishi Home Theater TVs offer a larger than life, intensely vivid viewing experience. In screen sizes ranging from 60 inches to 82 inches, Mitsubishi Home Theater TVs define the large screeen entertainment category by offering incomparable value and stronger performance than smaller flat panel televisions!

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Dell 2400MP - DLP projector - 3000 ANSI lumens - XGA (1024 x 768) - 4:3 - High Definition Review

Dell 2400MP - DLP projector - 3000 ANSI lumens - XGA (1024 x 768) - 4:3 - High Definition
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I purchased this projector for different uses in our church, and it is an excellent product. We have used this inside the building for power point presentations, training sessions, and watching movies. The resolution is very good and the picture is amazingly clear. The only issue I've had with it is that it does get very hot on the casing outside of the bulb, but this has never caused any problems. It just feels pretty warm after using it for awhile, but I've had it run for 4 or 5 hours before and it works fine. We've even used it outside to project a movie on the wall like at a drive in, and it worked great!

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Dell 2400MP ProjectorWhat's Included? IR RemoteCables: Power, VGA, USB, Composite, S-Video, 3.5mm mini-to-mini, RCA to 3.5mm mini, VGA to ComponentDrop-Tested Carrying Case Affordable Performance Presentation Solution Bright 3,000 ANSI Lumens (Max)1Excellent high contrast ratio of 2100:1 (Full on/Full off)5.5 lbs. (2.5kg) and only 4" (101mm) highIntegrated zoom lenses and automatic vertical keystone correctionDLPTM LVDS technology from Texas Instruments Native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution with auto synchronization to UXGA (1600 x 1200)Eco-mode option for quiet operation and extended lamp life (up to 2500 hours)Full connectivity - Supports PC, S-video, composite video, component video via VGA and RS-232 connectorsSupports full range of television and video standards, including NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL-N, PAL M, SECAM and HDTV (480i/P, 576i/P, 720P, 1080i)Up to 3-years limited warranty2 with Advanced Exchange3 Service4 (90 days on bulb)Includes all relevant cables, a remote and a drop-tested hard carrying case. What is DLP LVDS Technology? DLP technology is an all digital chip that uses millions of micro mirrors that reflect light to create lifelike, razor-sharp pictures with vibrant colors and high contrast ratios in projectors. Thanks to the DLP chip's architecture and unparalleled response time, it's ideal for sports, fast action video and gaming. The Dell 2400MP incorporates the latest generation of DLP technology with LVDS data transmission technology which increases the switching speed of the DLP chip for enhanced video performance. The 2400MP combines super high brightness, DarkChip and BrilliantColor the latest in color reproduction technology from Texas Instruments to deliver the ultimate in projector performance.

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Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator Review

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator
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Main Points:
I used this calculator for over 10 years before it finally stopped working, and I treated it fairly roughly (e.g.,coffe spills). I think others here have attested to the functionality of the TI-30, so I just want to emphasize that it's a tough little gadget as well. Yes, the buttons are on the small side and there is a bit of play, but this was never a major problem (although at times it slows down data entry). You can go to for a good overview of TI calculators, and you can scope out one of TI's major competitors at
A Little History:
This was also one of the first commercially available low-priced calculators that had two-line display and backspace to correct or edit data entry. The dual-power and scrolling display features were also once unusual. The top line (for data entry) shows up to 11 characters; you can scroll backwards or forwards up to 88! The bottom line (shows results) displays up to a 10-digit answer along with a 2-digit exponent.
Individual Needs Differ:
From the reviews here, it appears that high school math is now more difficult than it once was. If you know that you're going to need graphing capability, then obviously this is not the choice for you. Similarly, the prevalence of laptop computers and math/stats software may obviate the need for some of the more advanced features.
The layout is very good and, for such a low price, it packs a lot of calculating might. However, high school (or college)students may want to narrow their choices and then ask their teacher which one has the most relevant functions for the next few years of math. Compared to twenty-five or so years ago, one can now get a lot more calculator for the money. Depending on your budget, therefore, you might determine that a calculator like this is sufficient for your short-term needs, but that you'll need a new one if you go on to more advanced stats and math. In any event, this is a durable calculator that works very well.

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New 2-line display.Dual power:solor and battery.View entry abd results at the same time.Edit current entry.Edit and view previous entries.Menus with functions and mode settings.Five variable memories.One and two variable statistics, results, for linear tegression, trendline.Fractions and fraction/decimal conversions.Trigonometric functions in degrees and radians.

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HP Standard Handheld Calculator 200 - 2162469 Review

HP Standard Handheld Calculator 200 - 2162469
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It is wider than I expected but is all good. Has many nice features. You can scroll though the data you entered and check for errors like you could with a printing calculator and unlike a paper one you can change the data if you find a mistake. Its like a adding machine without the paper. Also stores Tax rate and has the usual memory functions. This would be great for any retailer or shoper. Its a bit big for carrying arround but I wanted it to keep at my desk for doing simple calculations for gaming and online shoping. I like the Black Finish and blue accents too. And its HP so you know its good.

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A large screen and stylish designProduct InformationNeed a larger calculator with a spacious screen for your office or retail business? Check out the stylish OfficeCalc 200 which has all the functions for quick and easy calculating at your desk or sales counter. The calculator features include solar power with battery back-up easy-to-ready 14-digit LCD time-saving "Check-and-Correct" feature easily calculate sales tax angled display for desktop use convenient memory functions and common business functions to include mark-up percent and sign change.Product FeaturesFor Office and Retail - All the Functions You Need for Work or Sales Transaction CalculationsSales total and tax functions for retailCalculationsBusiness functions such as mark-up and percentageEasy ViewingLarge 14-digit angled screen and easy-to-viewStylishUnique modern horizontal designEnergy-EfficientSolar and battery poweredDependableDurable construction and HP's legendary heritage of accuracy and reliabilityIncludesHP OfficeCalc 200 Desktop CalculatorBatteriesQuick Start Guide

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Texas Instruments 108/TKT/1L1/C Review

Texas Instruments 108/TKT/1L1/C
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Though a little expensive, these work great for my class (I had to buy 3 to have enough for the whole class)

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MODEL- TI108TKVENDOR- TEXAS INSTRUMENTSFEATURES- Teacher kit of (10) TI108 CalculatorsTeacher Kit includes 10 -TI108 calculators plastic storage caseclassroom poster transparency and teacher's guide in English andSpanish.* Hard plastic tamper-proof keys. * Large color-coded keys. * Extra-large equal key. * Low-light solar power; never needs batteries.* Large 8-digit LCD display. * Negative sign appears immediately to the left of the number displayed. * Impact-resistant slide case. * Addition subtraction multiplication division. * Automatic constant for all four operations.* Change sign (+/-) percent square root keys.* Capability to clear last entry and/or all entries. * 3-key memory.* Overhead projectable model available: Stokes model TI203.* Three-year limited warranty. * D&H carries a workbook for the TI108: The Essential TI108 Activity Book (STK112).

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